Delonghi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier

Delonghi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier

Delonghi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier

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The Delonghi DEM10 compact dehumidifier is the ideal solution to controlling condensation and dampness in the atmosphere. Dehumidifiers actually remove moisture which would otherwise be trapped in the air and condense on cold surfaces.

Product Features

  • Humidistat: to set the required moisture level.
  • Extraction rate: 10 litres/24 hours.
  • Compact in size and easily portable.
  • 2 Litre capacity tank with visible water level.
  • Tank control system, switches off unit when tank is full.
  • Single fan speed.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Can work in low temperature areas.
  • Collects demineralised water (ideal for use in steam irons etc)
  • Permanent drainage facility with kit supplied


Technical Specification

Barcode: 8004399480264

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