Babyliss 7432U Mains Clipper

Babyliss 7432U Mains Clipper

Babyliss 7432U Mains Clipper

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The clippers come with grades one to ten, as well as tapering guides, giving you a good range of length options. In addition to this the kit comes with all of the accessories you need to cut a range of styles, such as sectioning clips, scissors and a neck brush.

Product Features

  • Mains operated clipper with diamond sharpened stainless steel blades for fast precise hair cutting
  • 10 comb guides for grades 1-10
  • Accessories barber's comb, 2 sectioning clips, cape, neck brush, scissors, storage pouch and oil
  • Taper control feature enables fine cut adjustment for extra precise cutting
  • Non-oil blades

Technical Specification

Barcode: 3030053074328

Carton: 12

Weight: 1.200 Kgs

Colour: Silver

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