Omron HJ-320 Step Counter

Omron HJ-320 Step Counter
Omron HJ-320 Step Counter

Omron HJ-320 Step Counter

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Physical activity is essential to staying healthy, and every small step can lead to big improvements. An accurate Omron Pedometer, like the HJ-320, is a partner that motivates you to take those extra steps toward better health and increased energy.

Product Features

  • ACCURACY: Unlike other pedometers that use a pendulum design, this product features smart sensor technology so it won't miscount steps.
  • TRI AXIS TECHNOLOGY: Position your pedometer where it’s most comfortable - on your hip, in a pocket or bag.
  • AUTOMATIC RESET: The slate gets wiped clean at midnight, so you can easily track your daily steps and distance.

Technical Specification

Barcode: 4015672107076

Carton: 50

Weight: 0.150 Kgs

Colour: White

Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 5 Cms

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