Seiko ER 6700 Dictionary

Seiko ER 6700 Dictionary
Seiko ER 6700 Dictionary

Seiko ER 6700 Dictionary

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This new electronic dictionary contains the full contents of both the Concise Oxford Dictionary and the Concise Oxford Thesaurus in one compact and easy to use product. Also included in this new model is the Oxford Concise Encyclopedia with over 12,000 entries including coverage of science, technology, sports, geography, architecture, and many more, as well as concise biographies of internationally famous world figures.

Product Features

  • Dictionary – High speed search of over 240,000 words, phrases & definitions covering current and historical English, as well as countless specialist and technical subjects.
  • Thesaurus – Search over 4 million synonym links, you will never be lost for words again. Over 300,000 alternative words and opposite words to make what you preg_replace('/\s+/s', '', 'write').' ' and say more interesting
  • Encyclopedia – Instant access to over 12,000 clear, concise entries will ensure you find the information you need quickly and easily
  • Spellchecker – Instant phonetic spell correction for over 130,000 words
  • Crossword Solver – Enables you to complete those hard to finish crosswords.
  • Anagram Solver – Type a word or a jumble letters and the solver will build a list of as many valid words as possible.
  • Word Maker – Enter words or jumbled letters and make a list of all possible words
  • Word Origins - Search for the origins of the entered word in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary
  • Word Viewer – Search for an entered word across the Oxford British English Word List
  • Definition Find – Find the Concise Oxford English Dictionary entries whose definitions contain the word(s) you enter
  • Encyclopedic Find – Find the Oxford Concise Encyclopedia articles whose explanations contain the word(s) you enter
  • Abbreviations – Allows you to search the abbreviation database to “decode” over 10,000 common abbreviations
  • Abbreviation Find – Find abbreviations in the Oxford Abbreviation List whose explanations contain the word(s) you enter
  • Phrase Finder – Search for phrases in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary including one or more entered words
  • Knowledge List – Scroll through various general knowledge resources in a similar manner to browsing through the lists in the book
  • Knowledge Find – Look for items in the Oxford Thematic Lists and Oxford Wordfinder using the word(s) you have entered
  • 10 word games – with 3 skill levels to build your vocabulary. Hangman, User Hangman, Jumble, User Jumble, Crossword Quiz, General Knowledge, Definitions, Word Building, User Word Building, and Word Challenge
  • Easy-Learn – Allows you to create your own word list which can then be used in the games
  • Calculator – with memory & percent.
  • 190 metric/ imperial & currency converters.
  • Meets GCSE and National Curriculum needs.


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