Vicks VH1800EU Diffuser

Vicks VH1800EU Diffuser

Vicks VH1800EU Diffuser

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Vicks VH1700 Menthol Vapor USB

Product Features

  • Natural essential oils
  • A soft, calming scent: a blend of Menthol and  essential oils for a relaxing night
  • The quantities of essential oils in each pad have been tested
  • Up to 8 hours per pad
  • Each pack contains 2 VapoPads to give you a little extra comfort when times - and breathing - get tough.

Technical Specification

Barcode: 4022167701640

Carton: 4

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We are UK-based wholesalers and only sell in carton quantity. To enquire about our products or if you have any general queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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